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Grow Beyond

Coaching & Consultancy

We specialize in anxiety, burnout and emotional regulation. Providing a unique blend of Mental Health Occupational Therapy, coaching and counseling we assist you to remove the anxiety out of your daily life; from your workplaces, relationships, and homes so you can build a life and future that is clear, calm and connected.

Does this look familiar?

  • You’ve slept but wake feeling tired and drained?

  • You feel like you are rushing, constantly and never feeling like you are catching up?

  • You’re snapping at those you care about most, your partner or children, and feel guilty afterwards?

  • You feel anxious and overwhelmed and then numb and on autopilot?

  • You’re not feeling present and connected in the moment to what’s in front of you, you mind is busy in the past or looking into the future?

  • Your struggling to find balance in your daily life, either between roles such as partner and mother or between your work and home life?


If so you are in the right place. We can support you to move from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed to feeling present, calm and connected, and clear and focused.

At Grow Beyond we are more than just a counseling service. We take a practical approach to assist you to shift and grow your mindset and discover how it is you want to live your life. We provide tools to create meaningful and sustainable change.

We specialize in issues such as stress, fatigue, anxiety and burnout. As working mothers we understand that life is a balance and the challenges of navigating competing needs and desires. We can assist you to be clear on your priorities, create calmness in your everyday life and develop tools to enable you to do the things you need to do and want to do, without feeling overwhelmed, rushed and overloaded.

Area of Expertise

Specialising in anxiety, burnout and emotional regulation. 

Let’s cut through the noise and the clutter to focus on the small steps needed each day to move forward towards health and wellbeing.

  • What is the one thing you need to do today, to function tomorrow?

  • What can we support you to do today, that was simply too much to do yesterday?


We know health and wellbeing looks and means many different things to different people. What might be ideal for one, doesn’t work for another. In order to function at our best we need to be able to focus on the present moment, rather than worrying about things in the past, or being caught up in what is to come, or the opinions of others.


In busy workplaces and in our social lives we are easily caught up with thoughts and feelings that distract us from the present. Through awareness and understanding we can observe thoughts, notice our relationship to these and make changes to our behaviours.


Let’s not compare ourselves to others, instead look towards what it is we need and want out lives to look live. Balanced, calm and clear in our direction forward.


About Us

Our experience includes 15 years working in the public mental health space and now balancing this with private practice in order to provide best practice and engaging resources to support our community. We provide talk based psychological therapy combined with meaningful activity and engagement. 


As parents to small children we also understand the pressures on working families and navigating the challenges of finding work life balance, or even simply balancing the role of parent, partner or friend. We are passionate about supporting people to function at their best – whatever that looks like for you. Bringing a practical component to our work to enhance personal wellbeing, we specialise in supporting people to understand and regulate their emotions through the use of sensory-based interventions and mindfulness practice.


We have a passion for supporting people to find their direction and life path, sense of identity, building confidence and work through challenging aspects of life, parenting and helping people create balance.


Contact Us

Want to know more about which is the best service to suit your needs? Book a no obligation free consult/discovery call today to discuss. 

We are a mobile service able to tailor our service to your needs. We are able to see people in an office space in Wodonga, via telehealth, out in the community or through home visits if indicated.

We provide services to both privately funded and NDIS clients. Medicare rebates will be available soon.

Wodonga, VIC 3690

Tel: 0439 902 793

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